2012 – Looking Back From the Desert to the Mountain Top

This time a year ago, my family and I had so many questions with so few answers. My wife gave birth to triplets in 2011, we also left many dear friends that same year. We changed ministry positions, moved across the country, and eventually found ourselves living in rural, small, and short-term housing, with a large and growing family. All the while, I went from serving a congregation of 1500 to a congregation of 50. Times were tough and all I could do was trust in Jesus when my world seemed to crumble around me. 

Fast forward to one year later, my Jesus placed me in a wonderful congregation made up of people whom we love and love to serve. We went from a borrowed housing space of 1000 sq. ft. to a new home of 3000 sq. ft. We moved from a very small town with not much opportunity, to metro Atlanta, where we found a congregation who welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. Our triplets and our older daughter are a year older now and as healthy as ever. God has blessed us exponentially, but we had to walk through the desert to fully understand the blessings of the mountain top….and it all centers on our unwavering faith in Jesus. Like the song says: “I have a Savior, He knows my name, He knows my every thought, and He hears me when I call” …. He heard my call and He came close to our side and held us close and escorted us out of that painful time….God is good!!!

Many blessings to you and yours for a tremendously blessed 2013!



2 responses to “2012 – Looking Back From the Desert to the Mountain Top

  • Carole Duffey

    Rich, it occurs to me that God couldn’t have found a better way to expose your sweet family to so many that needed you and your example. Those trials, all the moves and those babies put a laser focus on you and Paige to model Christ even when it’s hard. We were blessed with your short flight through our lives and I’m thrilled that God has brought you to a good season. I’ll follow your posts with great interest to discover how He chooses to use you in the future. I have a feeling it may be a triple-wild ride! Be blessed!

  • richsmith9

    Thanks Mrs. Carole…You all blessed us immeasurably as you loved on our children and family. You are special to us and always will be

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