Why Kids and Student Camps Aren’t Enough

You would think that a vocational Children’s Pastor would do all he could to promote Kids Camp, not take away from it. That, however, is not my intention in this post. My goal is to speak the truth.

Having said that, I must first admit that Kids and Student Camps have great value. The mountain top experience kids take way is priceless, not to mention their new and strengthened relationships. However, the real priceless time in a kid’s journey with Christ comes through every day life-day in day out! We as parents and leaders of Kids can capitalize on these everyday life moments by daily investing in the lives of our kids or our students from a biblical worldview. We can also see significant movement of our kids along their spiritual growth journey by allowing other faithful Christ followers to invest in their lives. Yet, I believe the best way we can see our kids lives impacted is by partnering with Godly mentors in their lives for their spiritual formation. People like Children’s Pastors, Student Pastors, Coaches, teachers, volunteers in their church (like Sunday School teachers), etc. By utilizing this strong partnership, especially joined with the work of the Holy Spirit in our kids lives, they will be well equipped to tackle real world issues, that they typically escape from on the mountain top experience at summer camp.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 states: “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” (NIV)

The power in the three-fold partnership between parents, Godly mentors, and the work of the Holy Spirit in a kids life provides the three cords that that cannot be easily broken.

Kids and Student Camps are fantastic and are a great part of building a lifetime of memories in kids lives and in their spiritual formation. However, it’s in those intentional relationships, day in and day out, in mundane life, where real transformation abounds.


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