Seeing Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child

As a vocational Children’s Pastor and a parent of 4 kids I have seen, and regularly see the magic of Christmas as kids see it. Say what you will but Christmas is the most magical time of the year for a child. Think about it…The mystery of Santa, Christmas gifts, the magic they see on TV with all of the movies and Christmas specials. Consider “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Charlie Brown is depressed from all of the consumerism of Christmas and he attempts to direct the local Christmas play. In order to make it the best play he can, he and Linus go out and buy a Christmas tree. Charlie Brown picks out the lowliest and downtrodden tree he can find and he fully believes it has the ability to save the Christmas play. It however, upsets the kids and the play is in an upheaval. Then Linus emphatically states to the rest of the kids the  true meaning of Christmas. Linus then proceeds to quote the Christmas story from the Book of Luke. The one amazing thing that Charles Schultz described through this cartoon is Linus’ confidence in the Scriptures. As Linus begins to quote the Christmas story from the Bible he drops his blanket…this is the same blanket Linus is never without. But he commandingly drops the blanket and quotes the Christmas story from the Book of Luke. After he finishes quoting the Bible, he then picks up his blanket and directly states: “That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.”

It’s in these Christmas specials, other Christmas movies, or even “Elf on a Shelf” if your family participates in this tradition, that children experience the magic of Christmas. However, nothing can compare to Christmas morning when kids wake up (well before dawn) to find that Santa has mysteriously visited their house and brought them their favorite toys.

We as Christians have a reason to believe in the magic of Christmas too! We can experience the magic and fact that the Christ Child that was born over 2000 years ago, the same baby for whom we celebrate Christmas has eliminated death in our lives and we will no longer die but live forever! This is enough for us to celebrate Christmas with the same joy as children. We have life and we have it to the full. All because of Jesus and the fact that God made himself a human and was born into this world to live a perfect life and  die and rise again as an atonement of our sins…So we might live!

That’s enough for all of us to celebrate a very Merry Christmas and experience the magic in it as well!

Merry Christmas!


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