Who God Is Through A Kid’s Eyes

Fall Retreat 2014 JPEG


Working with kids we often get a glimpse of who they perceive who God really is. That picture of who God is can run the gambit, from a cosmic and unreachable God in the sky to a Santa Clause type character who they pray to in seeking answered prayers, to everything in between. I realize a child’s perception of who God is can also vary widely based on their age as well. However, as KidMin Leaders it is one of our responsibilities to partner with parents in teaching kids who God really is.

We recently held our Kids’ Fall Retreat and our topic was “God is…” (we used a cell phone and texting theme). During this 2 day event we taught the kids some very real attributes about the nature of God. We taught them that He’s Faithful, He’s Trusting, He’s Always There, He’s Eternal, and He’s Loving. Through these 5 attributes of the 1 true God and what he did through Jesus, as well as through various learning, worship, and teamwork environment and activities, we communicated some very real truths about who God is.

We communicated that no matter what are going though or what circumstances we face, God is always there. He is not only there but He has the best for us weaved throughout our daily lives. In both the good times and the bad times. We also communicated that sometimes God can teach us the most about Him through painful times in our lives. Nevertheless, God has a plan for our lives and we have to place our trust in Him. We also learned that God sees the big picture when we can only see a snap shot. His plans are bigger because He can see the beginning to the end when we can sometimes only see what’s right in front of us. Furthermore, we learned that the purpose of His sending His Son was to provide us forgiveness and to offer a real and personal relationship with Him. This relationship is only attained through salvation in Jesus. Ultimately though, the basis of all of this, is rooted in His love for us. His love never ends and is bigger than anything we can ever imagine and we love Him because He first loved us.

The truth about who God really is should permeate our hearts for teaching kids the reality of what it means to enter in to a personal relationship with Jesus. It should also serve as a guidepost that directs what and how we teach kids about what God is doing, what He wants to do, and what He is going to do in their lives.

Thanks to LifeWay’s Zip for Kids for providing a framework from which we were able to teach kids about the amazing attributes of the 1 true God and who He really is!







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